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Try to escape or not think about your quarrels can be a synonym of swimming against the current, whiel having the help of the adequate professional, everything will seem easier and simpler. To avoid problems or solve them, a good lawyer will be at your disposition during the whole process, guiding you and taking the reins of the situation. Get together with Baltic Legal and start to see the light again.

If you reside in Riga (City) and need to have the help of a professional with quality, we recommend Baltic Legal. The seriousness and trust shown by their clients, which are many around Latvia. That's why you don't have to keep looking. Listen to us and contact them right now to unload your problems in the hands of those who can deal with them.

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Rīga (Province)
Riga (City)
Baltic Legal
61 Lacplesa Street Riga 1073 Latvia
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56.95127, 24.13185


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 Loze, Grunte & Cers(Located 0.55 Km)
Blaumana 22 Riga LV-1011 Latvia lv-1011 Riga ,Rīga ,Rīga ,Latvia 
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 Reihmanis & Partners(Located 0.69 Km)
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20a Lacplesa Street 3rd Floor Riga LV 1011 Latvia lv-1011 Riga ,Rīga ,Rīga ,Latvia 
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 Legal Office Latvia(Located 0.54 Km)
K.Barona 51-1 lv-1001 Riga ,Rīga ,Rīga ,Latvia 
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 Company registration in Latvia(Located 0.00 Km)
61 Lacplesa Str. lv-1011 Riga ,Rīga ,Rīga ,Latvia 
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 Borenius Group(Located 0.68 Km)
Lacplesa str. 20 a Riga LV-1011 Latvia lv-1011 Riga ,Rīga ,Rīga ,Latvia 
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 Markvarte Lexchange Law Office(Located 0.69 Km)
Blaumana Street 5a-6 4th Floor Riga 1011 Latvia lv-1011 Riga ,Rīga ,Rīga ,Latvia 
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 Skudra & Udris(Located 0.53 Km)
Marijas iela 13 (3rd Korp.) lv-1050 Riga ,Rīga ,Rīga ,Latvia 
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 Belyaev & Belyaev(Located 0.68 Km)
Terbatas 14-2 Riga LV-1011 Latvia lv-1011 Riga ,Rīga ,Rīga ,Latvia 
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 CB&M Law Offices(Located 0.72 Km)
Terbates Iela 4 Riga LV-1050 Latvia lv-1050 Riga ,Rīga ,Rīga ,Latvia