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vesna radoman ulepić carries out a serious, competent and efficient work in Stari grad, Serbia. Worries day by day to offer the best services and give the clients the best assistantce and counts with the knowledge and abilities to reach a beneficial agreement for all those that count with their support.

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Try to escape or not think about your quarrels can be a synonym of swimming against the current, whiel having the help of the adequate professional, everything will seem easier and simpler. To avoid problems or solve them, a good lawyer will be at your disposition during the whole process, guiding you and taking the reins of the situation. Get together with vesna radoman ulepić and start to see the light again.


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Central Serbia
Stari grad
vesna radoman ulepić
beogradska 55
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44.81255, 20.46123


law office founded in 1986.


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