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Try to escape or not think about your quarrels can be a synonym of swimming against the current, whiel having the help of the adequate professional, everything will seem easier and simpler. To avoid problems or solve them, a good lawyer will be at your disposition during the whole process, guiding you and taking the reins of the situation. Get together with teresa rodríguez prieto and start to see the light again.

teresa rodríguez prieto puts at your disposal one of the most prestigious law services in Spain. If you have legal problems in Fene, can help you solve them in little time and at a fair price. Not all lawyers are the same and having the help of professionals competent in their thing is a guarantee offered by Lawyertys.

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A coruña
teresa rodríguez prieto
praza da igrexa, 9, 15500 fene, a coruña, spain
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43.47509, -8.16653


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