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If you go to a trial or want to take someone to the courts, you must know that a figure that can't be missing in this scenario is a lawyer. Maybe you never wanted to have problems or have to cause problems to others, but there are situations in life when it's inevitable to get to this.

The specialties within the Law are many and that's why there are many professionals that specialize as a way to offer a better service to their clients. There are lawyers that focus on the civil area, divorces, immigration and nationality, family, inheritances or wills, the criminal area, labor, etc. If you are a specialist in any of there subjects or other related to your profession and has an office of Gafsa Lawyers, enter your data now and increase your clientele.

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Gafsa Lawyers by category

Traffic accidents
Suffering a traffic accident is a little embarassing, but thanks to the large number of lawyers we put at your disposal this aftertaste will be much more bearable.
If you have any family problems and don't know how to solve them here we can help you find the civil lawyer you need close to Gafsa (Tunisia). If you don't want to keep thinking about the same topics that make you nervous and leave you anxious, don't hesitat and contact any of our lawyers.
If you're going through a bad streak and are thinking about getting a divorce, in Lawyertys we put at your disposal a large quantity of lawyers specialized in divorces so that your separation is the least traumatic possible.
Immigration and nationality
Want to get the nationality in Gafsa (Tunisia)? Don't know what procedures are needed? We have in our lawyer directory experts in Foreign Law that can help in all these types of procedures.
Need legal guidance regarding a will? Don't lose time anymore and track our webpage in search of the lawyer specialized in family closest to Gafsa (Tunisia).
Inheritance and wills
If you have been thinking that you want to make a will and you need a lawyer specializing in this field to advise you, congratulations! In Lawyertys, thanks to our powerful database, you can find professionals next to Gafsa (Tunisia).
Your company has dumped you? Why don't you look for your rights placing a claim? But yes, to make things right and hace success in your legal battle, you must have the help of connoisseurs in the topic. Look for your labor lawyer close to Gafsa (Tunisia) here, we surely have them.
If you're desperate and find yourself in a criminal process and urgently need the help of a lawyer specialized in this matter in Gafsa (Tunisia), here you can find them in an easy and fast way.


List of lawyers next to Gafsa

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 ahleddine ben slama(Located 198.15 Km)
medinine, tunisia tunisia Medenine ,Madanīn ,Madanīn ,Tunisia 
 anwalts kanzlei in djerba tunesien(Located 198.22 Km)
strasse sidi abesse (gegenüber der cnam) houmet souk djerba 4180 4180 Medenine ,Madanīn ,Madanīn ,Tunisia 
 phone available.  Email available.
 Website available.
 cabinet maitre jbebli badie(Located 194.90 Km)
rue 8 juillet 1884 le kef, le kef 7100, tunisia 7100 El Kef ,Kef ,Kef ,Tunisia 
 phone available. 
 maître ferid dhhir - avocat djerba(Located 200.39 Km)
1er étage, bureau n°2، rue sidi abbes, houmet essouk، djerba 4180, tunisia 4180 Houmt Souk ,Madanīn ,Madanīn ,Tunisia 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
 سهيب حاجبي (Located 93.42 Km)
نهج الإسكندرية سيدي بوزيد  9100 Sidi Bouzid ,Sīdī Bū Zayd ,Sīdī Bū Zayd ,Tunisia 
 phone available.  Email available.
 Website available.
 etude maitre sarbeji adlane(Located 184.24 Km)
21, avenue habib bourguiba, 1er etage, sfax 3000, tunisia 3000 Sfax ,Şafāqis ,Şafāqis ,Tunisia 
 phone available. 
 étude maître chmili sami(Located 134.26 Km)
18, نهج امرؤ القيس، gabès, tunisia tunisia Gabès ,Qābis ,Qābis ,Tunisia 
 phone available. 
 hallous ali(Located 182.94 Km)
rue soukaina bent elhoussine n2 kairouan 3100 tunisie tunisia Kairouan ,Al Qayrawān ,Al Qayrawān ,Tunisia 
 phone available.  Email available.
 Website available.
 cabinet avocat maître mohamed kemicha(Located 183.14 Km)
rue soukeina bent al hussaine, kairouan 3100, tunisia 3100 Kairouan ,Al Qayrawān ,Al Qayrawān ,Tunisia 
 phone available. 
 mohamed ben mahmoud(Located 184.03 Km)
63 rue taher sfar, immeuble salem ben amor, 3000, sfax, tunisie 3000 Sfax ,Şafāqis ,Şafāqis ,Tunisia 
 phone available.  Email available.